To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.” Chang Tsu

If you ever watched squirrels you would know how quick they are in moving, finding that hazelnut on the tree, emptying it all out and dropping the empty shell at the ground. Then of course, grabbing on to the other hazelnut, moving quick all through the branches, jumping on the meadow and waving their light tail rhythmically up and down in the air.

I love these animals. There is something innocently sweet, a little bit mischievous and still joyfully cute that I find just fascinating.

Since I love squirrels, when I see one I often stop for a while to observe. In the past three weeks I have been spending time in the UK where squirrels are almost inevitable park experiences. So, it might be the regularity of these “squirrels meetings” that provoked me to realize that my mind is like a squirrel. It jumps from one topic to the other, always busy moving around, exploring hazelnuts of options, knowing no peace. Very sweet, mischievous and amazingly charming. Just like squirrels. And of course irresistible, always ready to serve its portion of predictable reality.

I guess squirrels are difficult to tame. For squirrel mind I need no guesses – I know it is difficult through numerous failures to embrace meditation as a daily practice. However I do have glimpses of peaceful mind. And to my surprise these days I have realized that when I am observing squirrels my mind gets quieter. May be observing a squirrel is a way for my mind to meet itself. And then by meeting itself peace, serenity and quite presence are naturally possible.

In any case, regardless of how it is, finding our ways of quieting the mind is ensuring access to the real knowledge and creating that space to listen and hear.

I know some how to’s that work for me. Watching squirrels just listed itself as one. I will write more about the others soon. But please, find yours. Life is so rich! There should be many!